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Sacred Yoga Studios is a virtual space for yogis of all levels to deepen the Divine sacredness of their personal practice. As a virtual studio, it is our mission to hold sacred spaces for you to experience the wholeness of Tantra Yoga as a path of Union with the Divine and the vibrant tradition of its practices that extend beyond physical posture.


What is sacred Yoga?



Asanas are sacred movements and poses for our bodies that you would find in most yoga classes. There are many benefits to practicing asana including getting out all jitters in our bodies to prepare for mediation. Warrior II, Child's Pose, and Downward-Facing Dog are all asanas!



Meditation is the stilling of the mind which guides us into self-awareness and  sometimes a direct experience with the Divine. Meditation practices can range from intentional focus of the mind, visualization, and conscious movement.



Pranayama is the yogic tradition of breathwork that moves energy through our body through breathing techniques. These techniques can energize our bodies, calm our minds, and prepare us for meditation.



Mantras are words, phrases or sounds that have sacred vibrations. Most often they are in Sanskrit, a holy & sacred language. Mantras have some of the highest sound vibrations which can help to elevate one's frequency.


Kundilini Kriyas

Kundalini is the life force energy that is within our bodies. The path of Kundalini is located along the spinal cord. Sometimes, energy in our body can slow down or even get stuck. By practicing Kriyas, we are moving our bodies in a sacred motion that will shift and revitalize your Kundalini.


Inner Work

Inner Work is a conscious practice of healing our own internal narratives and beliefs so that we can move through our emotions in a healthy way and remember our pure, whole, completeness.

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Cycle Alignment

Cycle alignment is a practice of honoring and working with our unique cycles that influence our energy, emotions, and perspectives. By living cyclically aligned, we foster a relationship with our cycles which empowers our day to day life. These cycles include the moon’s cycle and menstrual cycles.



The Chakra System is an organization of seven energetic wheels along your spinal cord. Ultimately each chakra is balanced, however, life experiences can cause any chakra to be deficient, excessive or stuck. Through working with our chakra system we can bring harmony and energetic balance from our root to our crown.

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Tantra Philosophy

Tantra Yoga Philosophy is the vast and vibrant tradition of philosophy rooted in intimacy with life, self, and the Divine. It includes integrating both the Masculine and Feminine Energy and embraces the lived experience as a path of enlightenment within this human life.


Sacred Texts

India is the "mother of religion" (Parmahansa Yogananda, 2004. The Yoga of Jesus. pg. 13) and from our motherland there are many texts including the Bhagavad Gita, the Yoga Sutras, The Vedas. These are some of the most sacred texts. We will explore these texts along with the Holy Bible and many others.

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